Denver Water procedures for media and commercial image requests

Contacts: Media Relations

Media Line: 303-628-6700
Fax: 303-628-6349

1600 W. 12th Ave.
Denver CO 80204

Statement of need for security

Denver Water is tasked with providing safe water for its customers, and protecting public health and the environment. In doing so, it must protect critical infrastructure and information that could be used by those wanting to do harm. This policy balances security needs with public access and information. Denver Water is also responsible to our rate payers; therefore, any costs incurred by Denver Water may be subject to reimbursement.

Public Areas

Denver Water property includes areas accessible to the public. Members of the general public are permitted to take photographs, capture digital images and videotape from areas that are generally visible or accessible to the public on and off of Denver Water property for personal, non-commercial use.

Non-Public Areas

Requests to capture images in areas that are not open to the public require prior approval and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The decision to allow images to be captured will be based on, but is not limited to, the sensitivity of the material that would be captured; the intended use of the images; the availability of Denver Water staff to supervise the access; the impact of the access on the environment, facility operations, maintenance or construction activities; the duration of the requested access; and the safety of Denver Water employees, members of the public in the area, or the photographer and his/her attendants. Denver Water reserves the sole right to approve or deny all requests for access to its property for the purpose of gathering information or taking digital/film images or video. In some cases, we may require review of material prior to publication.

Request process

  • Requests for facility access to obtain photos, video or digital images must be submitted to Media Relations in writing with a minimum notice of two business days (48 hours).
  • Requests made with notice of less than two business days may be given the option to access pre-approved locations.
  • Requests for facility access to obtain photos, video or digital images must include: name of photographer or videographer, and if applicable, news outlet/publication name, publication date, specific images requested, reason for request, date/time/location desired to obtain images, persons involved and contact information.
  • Media Relations will follow Denver Water’s internal approval policy to grant or deny permission.
  • The decision to allow the images to be captured will be made by the appropriate section manager or superintendent and the Manager of Safety and Security.
  • Anyone granted permission to enter a secure area must follow all existing security protocols, including checking in with security, presenting valid photo identification, and being issued a visitors badge. They must be escorted by a facility representative at all times. When appropriate, Denver Water reserves the right to limit access to a news media pool camera.

Commercial Use

Individuals or firms wanting to produce films, still photography or to videotape for commercial purposes at Denver Water must first contact the Public Affairs Division for permission in writing with a minimum notice of 10 business days. Accessing Denver Water property to capture images (photos, video, digital, etc.) for commercial use shall permitted by a formal Letter of Authorization Agreement and be subject, in part, to the provisions below.

  • Review — A sufficient site plan illustrating the proposed use area along with a description of all activities and any equipment and/or vehicles to be used along with a complete script, storyboard or layout must be submitted to the Public Affairs Division at the time permission is requested. Use of Denver Water’s property, logo or any identification of Denver Water facilities is not allowed without prior written approval.
  • Compensation — The fee for all commercial film, still photography or videotape productions is $200 per hour of time on Denver Water property. There is a minimum of two hours charged for any and all productions. (Accredited journalists working on assignment for their respective employers are exempt from fee charge.) Permittee also agrees to pay the standard rate for Denver Water equipment, personnel or water used during the shoot.
  • Insurance — All pyrotechnic devices or explosives brought onto Denver Water property must be approved by the Denver Fire Department. Comprehensive Automobile Liability and Property Damage Insurance: In addition to the statutory requirements, permittee must maintain automobile liability insurance with limits not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence for owned, non-owned and hired vehicles used. Denver Water may require Comprehensive General Public Liability coverage. If required, such insurance shall include the City and County of Denver, acting by and through its Board of Water Commissioners, as additional insured and shall be primary and non-contributing with respect to any insurance or self-insurance program of the Board. Permittee shall carry and maintain sufficient Workman’s Compensation Insurance to fully guarantee its responsibilities under Colorado law and to protect Denver Water from any claim whatsoever arising from the performance of work under the permit.
  • Repair and Maintenance — Permittee shall keep and maintain the premises in good order. All areas shall be returned to their original condition, and any necessary repairs shall be made immediately upon the completion of the scene. All cables, wires and cords placed upon the indoor premises by the permittee shall be matted and taped. Rubber trays or pads are required on the feet of all equipment placed indoors.
  • Indemnification — Permittee hereby agrees to release, defend, indemnify and save harmless Denver Water, its officers, agents, and employees from any and all claims, damages, suits, costs, expenses and liability, of any kind or nature whatsoever.
  • Termination — Either party may, with or without cause, cancel and terminate this permit upon written notice thereof to the other party, which shall state the effective date of such cancellation and termination.

Requests for existing photos, materials and records will be handled by Records & Document Administration.