2017 Water Rates

The Denver Board of Water Commissioners approved changes to rates at its Dec. 14 meeting. New rates will be effective April 1, 2017. 

Rate changes will impact customer bills differently depending upon the type of use, amount of water used  and whether the customer lives in Denver or is served by a suburban distributor under contract with Denver Water. The rate change will increase the monthly fixed charge for most residential customers (those with 3/4” meters) to $11.86 per month, from $8.79 per month currently. To help offset the fixed monthly charge, the charge per 1,000 gallons for many customers will see a small decrease in 2017.

The rate changes will allow us to continue improving our water system while ensuring essential water use remains affordable for our customers.

Denver Water has an individualized rate structure, so each customer’s bill will depend on how much water they use. Indoor water use is charged at the lowest rate, and is determined by averaging the customer’s monthly water consumption on bills dated January, February and March each year.

Potential 2017 annual bill impacts

Type of customer, based on 115,000 gallons of annual usage 2016 average 2017 average $ Change

Inside City
79% of customers use 115,000 gallons or less per year

$543 $572 $29/year

Read and Bill
58% of customers use 115,000 gallons or less per year

$555 $573 $18/year

Total Service
60% of customers use 115,000 gallons or less per year

$637 $678 $41/year