Miscellaneous Fees

Denver Water assesses miscellaneous fees for various goods and services associated with providing water service. The cost of providing these goods or services provide direct benefit to the licensee (customer) requesting the good or service rather than all customers. The use of miscellaneous fees equitably distributes costs of providing specific water-related services to those who request it. Denver Water’s Operating Rules under Chapter 6 Rates and Billing Section 6.06.1 Special Service Fees states:

“Where employees of Denver Water perform special services for or at the request of an applicant or licensee, or where special services are performed at or in connection with licensed premises to establish compliance with Denver Water Operating Rules and Engineering Standards which the licensee refuses or fails to perform, Denver Water shall be reimbursed for such work.”

Miscellaneous fees are governed by Denver Water’s Operating Rules and Engineering Standards. Changes to these documents may affect the fees.

The sections (accessible on the left) provide information about each fee. This includes definitions, as well as fee amounts. The corresponding chapters of the Operating Rules and Engineering Standards are included where applicable. In certain instances, there have been multiple fees for the same service. These have been replaced with one new fee for service.