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Chief of Staff and Continuous Improvement Office Jobs

The Chief of Staff office oversees the successful implementation of key strategic initiatives. The Continuous Process Improvement team implements process improvements/efficiency initiatives.

Denver Water Administrative Services Jobs

Administrative Services oversees facilities management: sustainability, environmental compliance, security and recreation.

Denver Water CEO/Manager's Office Jobs

The CEO/Manager's office executes the policies and decisions of the Board.

Denver Water Engineering Jobs

Denver Water’s Engineering division is responsible for the design, construction and related engineering aspects of physical additions or improvements to the water system.

Denver Water Finance Jobs

Denver Water’s Finance division manages financial resources and acts as the disbursing authority for the CEO/Manager

Denver Water Human Resources Jobs

The Human Resources division is responsible for pay plans, recruitment of Denver Water employees, training, health promotion, and benefits programs.

Denver Water Information Technology Jobs

The Information Technology division develops, implements and supports the technology infrastructure at Denver Water.

Denver Water Office of General Counsel Jobs

The Office of General Counsel provides legal counsel and advice and handles all legal representation for Denver Water, acting through its Board, CEO/Manager and employees.

Denver Water Office of Internal Audit Jobs

Internal Audit conducts audit engagements that review and evaluate whether appropriate risk management, governance and internal control procedures are in place and functioning.

Denver Water Operations & Maintenance Jobs

Operations & Maintenance is responsible for operating and maintaining the physical and natural assets used to deliver water to Denver Water customers.

Denver Water Planning Jobs

The Planning division identifies the future water and facilities needs of Denver Water and develops strategies for meeting those needs.

Denver Water Public Affairs Jobs

The Public Affairs division develops and maintains strategically effective relationships with a broad range of publics.