Residential Rebates: Rules and Answers to FAQs

  • Product qualification rules and answers to FAQs
    • Only new fixtures or appliances qualify. Equipment that is used, leased, refurbished, rented, received from warranty or insurance claims, exchanged or won as a prize do not qualify for rebates.
    • New construction does not qualify; product purchased must be used as a replacement for an old fixture.
  • Customer eligibility rules and answers to FAQs
    • Customer requesting rebate must receive a water bill from Denver Water or a qualifying Master Meter distributor.
    • The rebate applicant should be the end purchaser of the fixture.
    • Customers who live in a condo or homeowner’s association are still eligible for a rebate. The customer applying must contact their community manager for the water account number to apply.
  • Application rules and answers to FAQs
    • Applications are only available online; hard copies are not available. Call 303-893-2444 if you do not have regular Internet access.
    • Applications must be submitted within 90 days of the purchase date, no exceptions.
    • Applications must be accompanied by a copy of a valid sales receipt or paid invoice showing: date purchased, product model or item number, price for each item, proof that the item is paid-in-full.
    • If customer opted to mail-in receipt, the rebate ID must be referenced on the document. Receipt should be mailed to:
      Denver Water — Conservation Rebate
      1600 West 12th Ave.
      Denver, CO 80204-3412
    • Keep a copy of the entire application and receipt for your personal records.
  • Rebate process/check rules and answers to FAQs
    • Rebate amount will not exceed customer’s purchase price with tax.
    • Denver Water will determine if the rebate will be applied as a credit on the water bill or a check will be issued.
    • Failure to cash a rebate check within 90 days of issuance shall void the rebate and shall relieve Denver Water of any obligation to pay the rebate. Rebate checks cannot be reissued.
    • Rebate subject to available funds or program discontinuation at any time.