Contractor Prequalification Process for Denver Water Capital Projects

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Please read the FAQs at bottom of this page before you begin.

Beginning January 2016, Denver Water will be using a new prequalification process to select contractors for our capital projects. All contractors interested in bidding on projects must now submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for each prequalified discipline in accordance with the following PDF document Contractor Prequalification Request for Qualification. All approved contractors will be added to our Prequalified Contractor List (PCL). Denver Water will advertise our projects and then solicit bids from approved contractors listed on the PCL.

Upcoming Capital Projects

See a yearly outlook of Denver Water’s PDF document Capital Construction Projects*.

*Please note this is a preliminary list of our anticipated projects and is subject to change.

Prequalified Contractor List (PCL)

View current PDF document Prequalified Contractor List.

Bidding on Restricted Projects for our Secure Sites New Requirements

Denver Water has many upcoming Capital Projects at our secure sites, which have restricted access.

All contractors must also be prequalified in accordance with our Security Prequalification process, which is in addition to the Prequalified Contractor List. All interested businesses (including contractors, subcontractors, consultants, engineering and service companies) must submit the requirements detailed in the PDF document Security Restricted Capital Projects Contractor Prequalification RFQ to be approved.

Note: Contractors that already have submitted within the last two years and are listed on the SPCL, do not have to resubmit.

Security Prequalification Contractor List (SPCL)

View current PDF document Security Prequalification Contractor List.

SOQ Documents for Reference/Submission

PDF document Contractor’s General Information Form

Word document Project Experience Template

Word document Team Qualification Template

PDF document FAQs