Purchasing Overview

Each division within Denver Water that requires services or supplies typically initiates the contracts process, but Denver Water’s Purchasing Section conducts the formal bid process, issues purchase orders, administers the Purchasing Card Program and administers the accounts payable three-way match process.

Purchasing is committed to obtaining goods and services in the most efficient and effective way and at the best price, while ensuring all purchases are conducted fairly, ethically and impartially. Materials or services valued at more than $100,000 must be approved by Denver’s Board of Water Commissioners.

Denver Water sets the same conditions for all proposals. Bidders must adhere to the proposal’s instructions, including the bid’s opening date and time, or Denver Water will not consider the bid.

Denver Water’s Purchasing Section uses the Rocky Mountain Online Bid System to solicit bidders’ proposals. The Rocky Mountain Online Bid System maintains a list of potential suppliers who want to do business with Denver Water, and Denver Water uses the system to issue proposals for materials or services.

Suppliers who want to do business with Denver Water Purchasing should contact the Rocky Mountain Online Bid System.

Apply Now

Appointments are required to visit Denver Water’s Purchasing Office. The office is open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays. Purchasing’s email address is purchasing@denverwater.org.