Business and Contract Opportunities

To provide greater transparency and awareness of opportunities at Denver Water, we are currently in the process of posting all proposals and bids greater than $50,000 on our website, which are broken out into three categories: (1) Engineering, (2) Purchasing and (3) Other. Proposals, bids and other opportunities (e.g., RFPs, RFQs, IFBs, etc.) change frequently. Please check back often.

Engineering Contract Opportunities

Denver Water’s Engineering division solicits bids for various projects each year, including work on pipelines, pump stations, reservoirs, bridges and buildings. Unless otherwise noted, construction project bid advertisements and contract documents including all specifications, plans, bid documents, advanced prequalified lists and prequalification forms are accessible through QuestCDN.

Engineering has identified several upcoming contracting opportunities in support of our 2017 capital plan, many of which have defined goals for PDF document MWBE participation.

Available Opportunities:

Gross Reservoir Expansion Project
Informational Session for Design Engineer

Contract or Solicitation Number N/A
Solicitation Description The purpose of this informational meeting is to present the scale of the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project, the anticipated project delivery schedule, and general scope of services to potential respondents for the Design Engineer contract.
Post Date April 21, 2017
Due Date May 24, 2017
Solicitation Document(s) PDF document Announcement
Request for Qualifications
Downstream Reservoir Water Storage Program
North and South Complex Water Quality Improvements — Design and Construction
Contract or Solicitation Number N/A
Solicitation Description The City and County of Denver acting by and through its Board of Water Commissioners (Board) has authorized Denver Water (OWNER) to provide infrastructure at 4 reservoirs in the Downstream Reservoir Water Storage Program (DRWSP) to improve water quality, prevent the formation of hydrogen sulfide, and minimize algae blooms. Two of the reservoirs including Dunes and Tanabe, are located at the DRWSP North Complex and the other 2 reservoirs including Welby and Bambei-Walker, are located at the DRWSP South Complex. This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to solicit qualifications from Design-Build Teams (CONTRACTORs) interested in entering into a Contract with the OWNER to serve as the CONTRACTOR for the North and South Complex Water Quality Improvements Project (Project).
Post Date April 20, 2017
Due Date May 11, 2017
Solicitation Document(s) PDF document RFQ
Gross Dam and Strontia Springs Dam Foundation Drain Cleaning
Contract or Solicitation Number 17023A
Solicitation Description

Denver Water is soliciting proposals from qualified contractors to perform video inspection and high-pressure water jetting to clean the foundation drains at Gross Dam and Strontia Springs Dam.  There are approximately 105 foundation drains in Gross Dam and approximately 120 foundation drains in Strontia Springs Dam, for a combined total of approximately 28,000 linear feet of drains to be inspected and cleaned.  The foundation drains have an inside diameter of approximately 3 inches and range in length from approximately 40 feet to approximately 190 feet.  Required water jetting pressure is 10,000 to 20,000 psi.

In order to propose on this Project, General Contractors must be listed on Denver Water’s Security Prequalification Contractor List and must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience inspecting and high-pressure water jetting (10,000 – 20,000 psi) dam foundation drains.
  • Completed 3 similar or larger projects within past 5 years (references required).

The proposal and project schedule is as follows:

  • April 11, 2017 — Issue Proposal Documents
  • April 25, 2017 — Pre-Proposal Meeting and Site Visit
  • May 2, 2017 — Proposals Due
  • May 24, 2017 — Selected Contractor Recommendation to the Board
  • June 9, 2017 — Notice to Proceed Issued to Selected Contractor
  • October 31, 2017 — Substantial Completion
  • November 30, 2017 — Final Completion
Post Date April 11, 2017
Due Date May 2, 2017
Solicitation Document(s) Please contact Casey Dick, Project Manager, at 303-628-6534 or to obtain bid documents.
North System Renewal Water Treatment Plant (NSRWTP)
Contract or Solicitation Number N/A
Solicitation Description Design Packages (DP) Request for Proposal (RFP) Informational Sheet
Post Date April 29, 2016
Due Date None
Solicitation Document(s)

PDF document Updated Procurement Performance Schedule

Current Purchasing Contract Opportunities

A department within Denver Water may require specific services or supplies. Our Purchasing section, acting as a agent, conducts the formal solicitation process. In most cases, our Purchasing section uses the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (RMEPS) to solicit bidder’s proposals. Interested parties who want to do business with Denver Water Purchasing should sign up through RMEPS. There is no cost to join. However, if interested parties wish to be notified automatically of Denver Water Purchasing bid opportunities, a nominal fee is required by RMEPS. Unless otherwise noted, all pertinent documents can be accessed through RMEPS.

Available Opportunities:

Workplace Investigation and Mediation Services
Contract or Solicitation Number 16716A
Solicitation Description

Denver Water requires the assistance of an attorney or investigator to perform objective and neutral, third-party investigations of allegations of violations of Denver Water’s Non-Discrimination Personnel Policy by Denver Water employees on an “as needed” basis. It will be the role of the selected Proposer (“Consultant”) to investigate the allegations, and provide a detailed report that will be delivered to Denver Water’s Contract Administrator, who will use the report to make a decision on the allegation. In addition to investigations, Denver Water also requires a Consultant who is able to provide mediation services between conflicting parties.

This RFP is broken into two schedules: 1) Investigative Services, and 2) Mediation Services. Proposers may submit a Proposal to provide one or both services.

Post Date April 17, 2017
Due Date May 11, 2017
Solicitation Document(s) Please go to Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System

Lean Design Support of the Northwater Treatment Plant

Contract or Solicitation Number RFP-17019A
Solicitation Description The Board is seeking Proposals from qualified Proposers to provide Lean Design Support of Denver Water’s Northwater Treatment Plant Project.
Post Date April 14, 2017
Due Date May 8, 2017
Solicitation Document(s) Please go to Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System

Lab Supplies

Contract or Solicitation Number IFB-17025A
Solicitation Description The Board is soliciting Bids for technical and non-technical supplies, specified in the Bill of Material, for its Water Quality Lab and Water Treatment Plants. The successful Bidder ("Contractor") shall provide laboratory supplies and consumable on an as-needed basis to Denver Water.
Post Date April 12, 2017
Due Date May 4, 2017
Solicitation Document(s) Please go to Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System

Potential Future Purchasing Contract Opportunities

Some of these contracts are for one-time or project-based services that may not be repeated, are subject to an approved manufacturers list, or may be extended with the current supplier. Appearance on this list does not guarantee a contract opportunity will be forthcoming. In most cases, the Solicitation (IFB, RFP) will occur 3 to 4 months before the contract expiration date.

PDF document July 2017 to June 2018 potential contract opportunities

Other Contract Opportunities

Denver Water divisions other than Engineering or Purchasing may solicit contracts for bids and proposals.

Available Opportunities:

Defined Benefit Plan Administration Services
Contract or Solicitation Number N/A
Solicitation Description Denver Water is issuing this RFP for defined benefit administration services for the Employees’ Retirement Plan of the Denver Board of Water Commissioners (“Plan”), which is a governmental defined benefit retirement plan, and has retained Cook Street Consulting, Inc. to manage the RFP process.
Post Date April 4, 2017
Due Date April 28, 2017
Solicitation Document(s) Please go to Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System