Denver Water Speakers Bureau

Would your group like to learn more about your water system, its colorful history, where the water comes from and how we treat it, the latest in conservation efforts and what we are doing to ensure future supplies?

Request a speaker on the water topic your organization is interested in and we’ll send an expert to your group’s meeting — free of charge.

  • Adult program speaker topics

    Denver Water Overview

    Water, or lack of it, has been a major concern since the city’s beginnings. Get a brief history of Denver’s water system and learn what is being planned to meet changes and challenges in the future. Learn why recycled water, increased conservation and enhancing storage capacity are essential to serving our future needs.

    Use Only What You Need

    Conservation can be a simple part of our Colorado lifestyles. Our conservation experts can provide practical tips to help you use only what you need. Learn about conservation programs and incentives that will save you money and improve your water use efficiency.

    • Indoor — Learn where the biggest water wasters are in your house, community association or business; how to find and fix leaks and what rebates are available to help pay for replacing inefficient plumbing fixtures, appliances and commercial equipment.
    • Outdoor — Learn how to optimize your landscape water use with efficient irrigation, soil amendment, water-wise plants and other landscape techniques.
    • Commercial Customers — Learn about money-saving incentives that provide a ROI and water-saving programs for your HOA, commercial building, landscaping company or other business.

    Coping with Climate Change

    Denver Water has joined forces with other major U.S. water utilities to lead the way in the study of climate change and potential effects on water supplies. We’ll share some of the research and possible regional ramifications and explain steps Denver Water is taking to identify and plan for climate changes that could crimp our supplies.

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  • Youth Education program topics

    Our Role in the Water Cycle (Grades 3-5)

    Nature has a water cycle, and so does our community. By participating in a guided drawing and diagraming exercise, students will understand Denver’s urban water cycle and its direct reliance nature’s. Also, by understanding Denver Water’s role in providing safe, reliable, great tasting drinking water — and their own roles in using this resource wisely — students will develop a deeper and more practical understanding of water from source to tap.

    How Do We Treat Our Water? (Grades 6-12)

    Earth does a good job of naturally treating its water, but communities need to do additional processes to ensure water is safe to drink. This presentation will walk students through the various steps of the potable or recycled water treatment process and demonstrate them using an in-class replication.

    Careers in Water — Who, What, Where, When and Why — and How Do I Get There? (Grades 9-12)

    Who are the people who keep your water flowing from the forests to your faucets? With more than 1,100 employees, Denver Water (and the water industry) has exciting careers in engineering, project management, information technology, human resources, water and environmental law, planning, communications, and more. Depending on your class focus, we will also bring various activities like: The Incredible Journey, an interactive simulation of the water treatment process; an art and writing competition through the River of Words; or an introduction to our three-day intensive H2O Outdoors water camp at Keystone Science School.

    The Journey of Denver’s Water (Grades 6-12)

    Where does our drinking water come from? What does it take to turn surface runoff pulled from the natural water cycle into some of the best tasting water in the nation? Learn about the necessary collection, treatment and distribution steps as you follow the journey of Denver’s water from snowfields high in the magnificent Rocky Mountains down to the Front Range.

    The Incredible Journey (Grades 1-6)

    Take a highly interactive journey posing as an H2O molecule through the natural water cycle and around the globe as it visits the major areas where water exists on Earth (the ocean, glaciers, rivers, lakes, plants, etc.). Using beads on pipe cleaners, students will record their unique travels and document their own story, and by doing so better understand the water cycle and water’s three states of matter.

    How Do We Get Out the Yuck? Keeping Watersheds Safe (Grades 1-6)

    What does it take to make sure our water is safe, clean, and tastes great? The first step is ensuring that Denver’s mountain watersheds stay pristine. This highly interactive lesson teaches students about what a watershed is and why keeping them clean is so important. By demonstrating that substances can be very difficult to remove from water, students learn one of the best ways to keep our water safe is to be very careful about what gets in it.

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