Video Clips

Learn more about Denver Water’s history, organization, conservation measures, and supply plans for the future in this series of short video clips. Denver Water runs an impressive, complex system, with a rich history and a proud workforce.


Creating a culture of conservation in Denver dates back to 1936 when Denver Water advertised on street trolleys asking customers to help save water. The message remains the same, as does our commitment to helping customers use this precious resource wisely.

Facing the Future

Denver Water is committed to ensuring we have an adequate water supply for the future through conservation efforts, recycled water and the development of new supply.

Water Quality

Denver Water takes its water quality very seriously. See how potable water is treated and learn about Denver Water’s recycled water system.

Denver Water’s History

Denver Water has had a remarkable history, full of engineering marvels and plenty of hard work.

Who is Denver Water?

Denver Water, Colorado’s oldest and largest water utility, is responsible for the collection, storage, quality control and distribution of drinking water to 1.4 million people. Almost all of the water comes from mountain snowmelt; our collection system covers about 4,000 square miles, or 2.5 million acres.