Water Trailer

Denver Water's water trailerThe Denver Water Trailer supplies high-quality, ice-cold water to large, outdoor, public events. There is no fee for this community service, but event producers may need to provide volunteer servers.

Requirements for water trailer events

  • The event must be in the Denver Water service area.
  • There must be at least 3,000 attendees.
  • The event must be free and open to the public.
  • If the trailer is parked on a paved surface, it must be able to support at least 20,000 lbs.
  • If the trailer is parked on a grass surface, there must be proper notification and approval by the property manager/event coordinator.
  • Trailer must be accessible to all attendees.

Everyone requesting the water trailer must agree to comply with the following:

  • In an emergency situation, Denver Water has the authority to cancel trailer participation at an event. It will be up to Denver Water to determine if the trailer can be rescheduled for a different date.
  • If the trailer is emptied at an event, it cannot be refilled to serve more water.
  • The trailer cannot be delivered the day prior to an event for security and water quality purposes.
  • The trailer cannot be unattended at any time.
  • The trailer must be staffed by a Denver Water employee at all times.
  • Only a licensed, Denver Water employee can move/pull the trailer.
  • Trailer drivers must have easy/clear access to the site location for both the truck and the trailer.

Water Trailer Request Form

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