Operating Rules - Chapter 1 - General



1.01     Authority.  These Rules are adopted by the Board of Water Commissioners of the City and County of Denver under Article 10.1.18 of the Charter of the City and County of Denver.  As provided in that section of the Charter, these rules shall supersede within the City and County of Denver any conflicting ordinance provision.

1.02     Effectiveness.  These Rules as amended become effective on and after January 1, 2008, and supersede all former rules and regulations which are or may be in conflict with these Rules.

1.03     Amendment of Rules.  These Rules may be altered, amended or added to from time to time, and such alterations, additions, or amendments shall be binding and of full force and effect as of their effective date, as defined by Article 10.1.19 of the Charter of the City and County of Denver.

1.04     Severability.  If any provision of these Rules or the application thereof to any person or circumstance is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect any other provision or application, and to this end, the various provisions of these Rules are declared to be severable.

1.05     Definitions.  As used in these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires, the words defined in this paragraph shall have the following meanings.  Definitions are provided as a matter of convenience and do not limit the authority of the Board.

a.  Board.  The Board of Water Commissioners as established by the Charter of the City and County of Denver.

b.  Charter.  The Charter of the City and County of Denver, as amended from time to time.

c.   Combined Service Area (CSA).  The City and County of Denver, plus the area within the outer geographical boundaries of the existing and projected service areas of all of the Distributors combined, based on the legal descriptions contained in each Distributor’s contract.

d.  Conduits.   Those pipes 24 inches in diameter and larger used to carry potable, non-potable, or raw water in large volumes, from which the water moves between facilities or into water mains for further distribution to licensees.

e. Connector’s Agreement.  A special agreement between the Board and an individual customer to provide water service outside the City and County of Denver from a Denver Water facility to a licensed premises that is not within a Distributor’s service area or that cannot be connected to a Distributor’s water system.

f. Consecutive System.  A water system owned and operated by a Distributor that does not meet Denver Water operational and maintenance standards or a private water distribution system owned by an individual entity.

g. Consumption Charge.  A charge for water service based on the measured or estimated quantity of water delivered or taken.

h.  Days.  Calendar days, unless otherwise specified.

i.  Denver Water.  The terms "Denver Water Department", "Water Department”, “Denver Water”, and "Department" as utilized in these Rules are synonymous and refer to the property and personnel under control of the Board as defined by Article 10.1.6 of the Charter.

j.  Distributor.  An entity located outside the City and County of Denver but inside the Combined Service Area, which contracts with Denver Water for delivery of potable water and does not commingle such water with potable water from any other source.

k. Distributor Water System.  All water mains, valves and other appurtenances owned by a Distributor and used to deliver potable water from Denver Water’s system to licensed premises within the Distributor’s service area.

l.   Engineering Standards.  Standards promulgated by the Manager of Denver Water and administered by the Director of Engineering, as amended from time to time, that provide uniform requirements for the installation, operation and maintenance of water facilities and the materials and equipment used for such facilities.

m.  Inside Denver.  Inside the territorial limits of the City and County of Denver.

n.   Integrated System.  The Denver Water system, all Total Service Distributor Water Systems, and those Read and Bill and Master Meter Distributor Water Systems that meet all Denver Water operational and maintenance standards and are therefore treated as part of the Denver Water system for testing and reporting to the state health department under Denver Water’s Public Water System Identification Number (PWSID).

o. Licensed Premises.  The area to which water service is limited under a particular license, including the contiguous land area and any improvements.

p.  Licensee.  Any person, association, corporation, entity, or governmental agency having ownership or control of a licensed premises.

q.  Manager.  The chief executive officer in overall control of Denver Water.

r.  Nonpotable Conduit.  Large pipeline for carrying water of a quality lower than potable water.

s.  Nonpotable Water.  Water such as treated domestic wastewater, groundwater, or raw water, which is suitable for various beneficial uses excluding human consumption.

t.  Outside Denver.  Outside the territorial limits of the City and County of Denver.

u. Per Tap Participation Charge.  A charge that may be assessed to an applicant for a water supply license that is based on the location of the licensed premises, the size of the tap and the specific facilities required to supply the premises.

v.  Potable Water.  Water that conforms to state and federal regulations applicable to drinking water.

w.  Private System.  A water distribution system not owned or maintained by Denver Water or a Denver Water Distributor.  The term may include systems owned by Licensees, companies, individuals, or municipal or quasi-municipal organizations.

x.  Recycled Water.  Non-potable water that has been treated to a level of quality suitable for irrigation or industrial use but not for human consumption.

y.  Revocation.  Termination of a water supply license for repeated or willful violations of Denver Water rules or standards at a licensed premises.

z.  Service Charge.  A fixed, per account charge imposed whenever the license for the premises is active, regardless of water consumption during a billing period.  The Service Charge may vary according to the size of the meter or other criteria established by Denver Water.

aa. Service Pipe or Service Line.  All pipe, fittings, and appurtenances needed to convey water from the tap on Denver Water’s or a Distributor’s facilities to the plumbing of a licensed premises.

bb.  Stub In.  A connection to a main intended to allow installation of a portion of the service line for taps 2 inches and smaller prior to setting the meter and activating the license for a particular premises.

cc. Submetering.  Use of individual water meters for individual dwelling units within a multi-family residential development, which allows the property owner or manager to assess occupants of the units for water usage.

dd.  Suspension.  Temporary interruption of water service to a licensed premises for nonpayment of fees or charges or for other reasons.

ee.  System Development Charge (SDC).  A connection charge assessed to an applicant for a water supply license.  The SDC may be used to finance system improvements and additions, including but not limited to capital improvements, conservation, and acquisition of water rights.  Distributors of Denver Water may also assess a charge in addition to Denver Water’s SDC.

ff. Tap.  A physical device, pipe fitting or connection that connects a licensee-owned service line to a distribution main owned by Denver Water or a Distributor or to a fire service line.

gg.  Unauthorized Use.  Any use of water that occurs without proper measurement of the quantity of water used. This may include removing, bypassing, disabling or otherwise tampering with the meter or register, taking water from a hydrant without a valid permit, or using water outside the licensed premises or for a use not authorized by the license or permit. Failure to eliminate the unauthorized use of water before the deadline contained in a notice shall constitute an additional violation of these Rules.

hh.  Water Main or Distribution Main.  Pipes located within public streets or appropriate easements that distribute water directly to the service pipes serving licensed premises. 

ii.  Water Supply License.  Formal document allowing a customer to receive service from Denver Water for a specified purpose. 

jj.   Water System.  The plant, facilities, water rights, water works and other assets controlled by the Board pursuant to its Charter authority.