Operating Rules - Chapter 12 - Existing Denver Water Facilities


12.01   Third Party Operation of Denver Water Facilities.

12.01.1  Prior Approval Required.  The Water System shall not be operated, modified, or otherwise impacted without prior approval from Denver Water.  Any extension, installation, disconnection, connection, abandonment or replacement of any distribution main shall require submission of plans and approval in advance by Denver Water, and may also require Denver Water inspection.

12.01.2  Standards for Work.  All work affecting the Water System shall conform to these Rules, the Engineering Standards and local plumbing and fire codes.  It is the responsibility of the person performing the work to ensure that any affected valve boxes are raised to the proper elevation once the work is completed.

12.01.3  Permits.  The third party performing work on Denver Water facilities shall be responsible for obtaining all permits and licenses required by the jurisdiction in which the work will be performed, and for having such permits and licenses available for inspection at the work site.

12.01.4  Penalties for Unauthorized Operation.  Denver Water may assess penalty fees against and may revoke permits of any person who violates this section or operates any valve or fire hydrant without approval from Denver Water.

12.02   Relocation of Denver Water Facilities.

12.02.1  Facilities in Public Rights?of?Way.  If relocation of Denver Water facilities located in public rights?of?way is required by a county, municipality or authorized street improvement district to accommodate a public transportation project of the county, municipality or district, Denver Water shall pay the costs of relocation.

a.         Exception for Later Dedication.  Denver Water will not pay the costs of relocation if its facilities are located in a right?of?way or easement that predates the dedication of the property as a public right?of?way.

b.         Exception for Other Entities.  Denver Water will not pay the costs of relocation of its facilities if relocation is required to accommodate projects of utilities, enterprises or other special districts, including but not limited to entities providing water, stormwater, sanitation, sewer, telecommunication or electric service.  The costs to relocate Denver Water facilities for such projects shall be paid by the entity causing the relocation. 

c.         Contribution from Other Sources.  Denver Water’s cost to relocate its facilities shall be reduced by any applicable private, State or Federal funding for the transportation project.

12.02.2  Facilities Located in Denver Water Property and Easements.  The cost to relocate Denver Water facilities located within Denver Water property and easements shall be borne by the entity causing the relocation.

12.02.3  Costs of Relocation. The costs to relocate Denver Water facilities shall include costs for survey, design, inspection, materials, construction, permits and licenses, transportation and administrative overhead.