Environmental Planning

Denver Water’s Environmental Planning Section works on a variety of projects to make sure Denver Water complies with environmental regulations and protects its water resources, including:

  • Gross Reservoir Expansion Project

    Denver Water is proposing to expand Gross Reservoir to help resolve three major water supply challenges: a future water shortfall, the risk of running out of water in a future drought and an imbalance in our collection system. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has released a Final Environmental Impact Statement to analyze the effects of implementing the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project and a reasonable range of alternatives.

  • Endangered Species Act Compliance

    Denver Water is involved in two significant efforts to recover threatened and endangered wildlife in the Platte River Basin in central Nebraska (the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program) and in the Colorado River Basin upstream near Grand Junction (Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program).

  • Watershed/Forest Management

    Denver Water is coordinating with the Colorado State Forest Service, U.S. Forest Service and other stakeholders to develop critical watershed protection plans for Denver Water’s collection system.

  • Stream Enhancement in the Fraser River Basin

    Denver Water is collaborating with The Nature Conservancy to identify opportunities to manage our diversion structures to release water into tributaries of the Fraser River Basin to enhance the aquatic environment.

  • Habitat Conservation

    Denver Water developed a habitat conservation plan to protect the Preble’s meadow jumping mouse, which is considered a threatened species under the federal Endangered Species Act.  The plan identifies and protects Preble’s habitat on Denver Water properties and in the vicinity of our facilities.