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Conservation Audits

If you are interested in making changes to become more water efficient, but don’t know where to start, request a free water audit and Denver Water will help you learn how to Use Only What You Need. Select the property/audit type below.

We preform large-scale irrigation audits during the summer and may need to postpone indoor audits until later in the year.

  • High Bill Audit for Single-Family Residential

    If you receive your water bill and notice an unexplained large spike in consumption, contact Denver Water to receive a high bill audit that can help pinpoint the cause. Typically, a large spike in consumption is due to a leak either indoor or outdoor (or both), although there may be other causes as well. Please let us know if there is an irrigation system operating at the property. This audit is free.

    Request an Audit

  • Large-scale Irrigation System Audits

    For large irrigation customers, such as community associations with large common areas, or commercial properties with large landscapes, this free irrigation audit can help identify ways that a customer can cut back on outdoor water use.

    During an irrigation audit, a trained Denver Water auditor will perform a visual inspection of every irrigation zone while in operation. The auditor will note any problems they encounter that adversely impact the efficiency of the irrigation system including: equipment, maintenance or scheduling issues. The length of the audit will depend on the number of irrigation zones on the property and can range from a couple of hours to several days.

    Customers who receive an irrigation audit will receive a report containing the following:

    • 5 years of actual outdoor consumption compared to corresponding annual target consumption (based on weather, plant type and landscape size).
    • Map showing irrigated area and efficiency rating.
    • Potential savings estimates.
    • Description and location of irrigation system issues encountered.
    • Scheduling recommendations.
    • Rebate and incentive program information.

    PDF document Audit Request Form

  • Indoor Audit: Multi-Family Residential

    Led by the customer’s property representative, our conservation technicians will enter every unit for about 3 to 5 minutes. Some properties have chosen to perform their standard inspections at the same time, thereby decreasing the disturbance to the residents (e.g., furnace filter replacements, smoke detector checks, energy-efficient lighting improvements). Our technicians can typically complete 100 units per day.

    A free audit includes:

    • Free showerhead replacement.
    • Free faucet aerator replacement (kitchen and bath).
    • Inventory of leaks and summary of potential savings if retrofits are made.
    • Historical water consumption information.
    • Rebate information.

    Request an Audit

  • Indoor Audit: Commercial and Industrial Buildings

    Led by the customer’s facility engineer or representative, our conservation technicians and engineer will walk through your facility to identify all water-using fixtures and processes. Based on historic consumption, a water-balance will be created detailing how water is used throughout your facility. An audit typically takes less than 2 hours.

    A free audit includes:

    • Free faucet aerator replacement if needed.
    • Inventory of leaks and summary of potential savings if retrofits are made.
    • Historical water consumption information.
    • Cooling tower water use analysis (if applicable).
    • Rebate information.
    • Incentive program information.

    Request an Audit