The Board, commonly known as Denver Water is an independent, autonomous and non-political agency with duties and responsibilities specifically set forth in the Charter of the City and County of Denver, Colorado (the “City”).

Denver Water is, and is operated as, an “enterprise” of the City as defined in Section 20, Article X of the constitution of the State of Colorado, and a “water activity enterprise” as provided in the Water Activity Law of the State.

As amended by the City’s voters at the November 5, 2002 election, the home rule charter of the City of Denver authorizes the Board to issue only revenue bonds without prior voter approval. Prior to this amendment, the Board was authorized to issue both general obligation bonds and revenue bonds, in either case subject to prior approval of the City’s electorate except for certain refunding bonds. There are no longer any general obligation bonds outstanding. Denver Water has no legal debt limits. However, the Board has adopted a debt policy to direct the timing and use of debt.

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